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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beware All Nepalese living in USA

Beware All Nepalese living in US:
If you ever get a call from a so called telephone company Neu Era, regarding their cheap rate to Nepal .04c per minute, do not believe them at all. You may even get a call from a Nepali guy whose name is Yogesh Thapa on behalf of Neu Era Telecom. Do not consider him as well. Just tell them that not to call you again.
They will offer you a 90 minutes free per month, and then .04c per minute charge to Nepal and will ask for a deposit $38.95. Later they will charge you .22c per minute which will rip you off easily.
If you can just slap on them and hang up and have no mercy.
The bellow are some complaints found in the websites. Or you also may find some more.